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Your child is facing expulsion from school. Even worse, possibly arrested on criminal charges. You need to act immediately. You need to hire the right Connecticut Expulsion Attorney. Forte Law Group can help.

As parents, we all strive to raise our children to respect school rules and abide by school district student codes of conduct. Unfortunately, sometimes our kids make mistakes by allegedly violating school rules, even if not on school grounds, that can lead to expulsion from school or even juvenile arrest.

When a student is expelled from school there is often a stigma associated with the expelled student. These extreme disciplinary measures never benefit a student and negatively impact their educational development for years to come if not appropriately handled by the right experienced Connecticut expulsion attorney.

At Forte Law Group, we are here to immediately help you and your child. Our practice is exclusively devoted to representing families that are facing challenges relating to their child’s education, including disciplinary action, suspension and expulsion, or facing juvenile charges.

This resource page provides all the information you need to know about common expulsion offenses that your child may face. For more information call us at 203-257-7999.

Expulsion: General Overview

An expulsion occurs when a student is excluded from school and school privileges for more than 10 consecutive or cumulative school days or up to 1 school calendar year (180 school days). The exclusion includes all activities within the entire school district (i.e., school attendance, school plays, school sporting events, school concerts, outdoor school activities, school grounds, etc.).

There are many grounds for which a student may face school disciplinary action for suspension and expulsion. The most common grounds are:

  • Fighting or physical assault
  • Bullying, Cyber bullying
  • Alcohol use, possession, or distribution
  • Drug use, possession, or distribution
  • Possession of dangerous weapons (gun, knife, BB gun, air gun, bullet, fireworks, etc.)
  • Sexual harassment or assault
  • Property destruction
  • Endangerment to persons or property
  • Threats to school, school personnel, school community, or other students
  • Cyber threats to school, school personnel, school community, or other students
  • Any act or conduct that seriously disrupts the educational process of the school or school district

Expulsion for Off School Ground Behavior

A student can be expelled from school for behavior that occurred off school grounds, provided the violation is seriously disruptive to the school’s educational process, such that it causes a serious disorder, confusion, interruption, or impediment to the operation of a class, study hall, library, assembly program or other gathering involving pupils or staff. Factors may include:

  • Proximity to school
  • Other school student involvement
  • Gang involvement
  • Conduct that is violent or threats of violence or unlawful use of weapons
  • Drug or alcohol use, possession or distribution
  • Cyber bullying
  • Cyber threats

Special Education Considerations

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), school districts are legally required to conduct what is known as a “Manifestation Determination Review” or “MDR Hearing” to determine whether the child’s alleged behavior that violated the school district’s code of conduct is related to the child’s disability. The special education attorneys at Forte Law Group handle legal representation at Manifestation Determination Review Hearings. 

Juvenile Defense Considerations

Students that are facing expulsion also often get arrested and will need to go to Connecticut Juvenile Court to face criminal charges. The attorneys at Forte Law Group also practice and handle juvenile defense throughout the Connecticut.   

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Forte Law Group is one of the premier special education and expulsion defense law firms in the state of Connecticut.  Our practice is exclusively devoted to representing families that are facing challenges relating to their child’s education, including disciplinary actions, suspensions, and expulsions, or facing juvenile charges. To handle your child’s expulsion case most successfully, it is critical that you immediately contact our office. For more information, contact our team of Connecticut Expulsion Attorneys at Forte Law Group. Our phone number is 203-257-7999 or you can schedule a free 15-minute consultation here.

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