High Road Neglect


The recent scathing report released by the Office of the Child Advocate and Disability Rights Connecticut has revealed appalling conditions within Connecticut’s private special education programs operated by High Road schools.

The investigation uncovered alarming instances of restraint and seclusion, inadequate staffing with uncertified teachers, and a lack of individualized educational planning for students with disabilities, particularly students of color.

To review the reports click below:

OCA DRCT High Road Investigation Report Executive Summary

OCA DRCT High Road Investigation Report

OCA DRCT High Road Investigation Report Agency Responses

Key Report Findings 

– Over 1,200 reported incidents of restraint or seclusion in High Road schools during a single academic year.

– Gross deficiencies in certified special education teachers and other credentialed staff, with nearly half of the teachers lacking proper certification or background checks.- Widespread disengagement and chronic absenteeism among students, with many left unattended during class periods.

– Lack of individualized education plans (IEPs) and behavioral intervention plans (BIPs), as well as insufficient access to related services such as occupational and speech therapy.

Systemic Failures

These findings highlight systemic failures in oversight and accountability at both the state and district levels. Despite receiving millions of dollars in public funds annually, High Road schools have consistently fallen short of meeting statutory requirements and state standards for educating students with disabilities.

Immediate Action 

It is clear immediate action is needed to address these egregious violations of students’ rights and safety. Forte Law Group is looking to head the formation of a systemic lawsuit to hold accountable all parties responsible for the neglect and mistreatment of Connecticut’s special education students, particularly for students of color. If you or a family member need assistance with understanding your child’s High Road’s case, we are available to meet with you and explore legal representation of you without cost.

Students Affected by High Roads Investigation

We urge parents that currently have a child attending any of the following High Road schools or have attended any of the following High Road schools during the last three years (2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024 school years) to immediately contact us:

High Road School of Fairfield County

High Road School of Hartford Primary / Middle

High Road School of Hartford High School

High Road B.E.S.T. Academy of Wallingford

High Road School of Windham County

High Road School of Wallingford Primary School

High Road School of Wallingford High School

It’s imperative swift and decisive action is taken to rectify these systemic failures and ensure that every student receives the quality education and support they deserve. Join us in advocating for justice and equity in Connecticut’s special education system.

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