Connecticut Juvenile Detention Centers

If your minor child is convicted of a crime, he or she may end up being sent to a juvenile detention center in Connecticut. It’s important to note that juvenile detention centers are not prisons. It is a common mistake to compare the two as the same when in fact they are not. Detention centers are only reserved for minor children under the age of 18. There are various types of detention centers. As experienced juvenile defense attorneys, this website explains the differences.

Types of Connecticut Juvenile Detention Centers

In Connecticut, there are five major types of juvenile detention centers. They include correctional facilities, camp facilities, detention facilities, community-based centers and residential treatment facilities. There are many different types of detention centers because it is dependent upon the detention program that is needed for the child.

Often juvenile detention centers are used to detain minors for their court dates. The result is that a juvenile court case is a sentence to a detention facility itself during the pendency of the juvenile court case. In a juvenile delinquency case where a child is placed in a juvenile detention center, a detention hearing must be held no longer at 48 hours after being placed in a detention center. In an unruly case, the detention hearing should be no later than 24 hours after the detention. This hearing is held to determine if the child requires to be held in the detention center or may be released.

Juvenile Detention Centers in Connecticut

There is no bail requirement in juvenile court. This means that a child could be detained in a juvenile detention center during the pendency of the case. If a child is detained at a Connecticut juvenile detention center, it will be at one of two possible locations:

  • Juvenile Detention Center at Bridgeport
    60 Housatonic Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604
  • Juvenile Detention Center at Hartford
    920 Broad Street, Hartford, CT 06106

If your child is about to detained is or is being detained is a Connecticut Juvenile Detention Center, it is imperative that you immediately contact an experienced juvenile defense attorney. Forte Law Group is here to help you and your child. Our number is 203-257-7999 or you may schedule a free 15-minute phone call here.