Disciplinary, Suspension & Expulsion

Disciplinary Suspension Expulsion

Forte Law Group attorneys handle suspensions, discipline, and expulsion proceedings throughout Connecticut. There are many reasons children experience challenges within the educational setting. In some cases, a child’s problem behavior interferes with their education and may lead to school disciplinary action or expulsion.

It is imperative that your child receive immediate accommodations in order to facilitate and address their needs within their school community. Often times schools suspend or expel students with disabilities for behaviors that are a direct result of their disabilities. This leaves a child feeling worthless, often viewed as a “failure.” By no means should these cases be neglected. In fact, it is critical that we advocate for your child and assist your family in resolving these issues with the school district.

We at Forte Law Group, assist families in navigating through these emotionally charged moments of crisis and to arrive at solutions that will provide your child with a plan or program that can be utilized to improve their behavior and promote learning within their school community. We pride ourselves with working with school teams to help arrive at positive solutions to ameliorate the problem for the benefit of your child or where necessary bringing action against the school district.