Our Core Values

Forte Law Group focuses on special education law and empowering parents to advocate for their child’s rights.

  1. We Are A Team of Zealous Advocates & Attorneys.

With over 54 combined years of legal experience, we capitalize on our commitment to working together as a team to create an enriching collaborative work environment that generates results for the children we represent and serve.

  1. We Are Innovative.

We exist in an ever-changing world where the needs of our clients and their children are unique and individualized. We embrace technology and innovation to deliver personalized service to our clients and children we represent. 

  1. We Are Performance Driven.

We appreciate efforts, but we celebrate results. We set challenging goals and we do not shy away from accountability.

  1. We Practice Excellence.

We strive to be the absolute very best in everything we do. We improve our performance continuously and underscore the importance of productivity.

  1. We Are Solution Focused.

We provide advocacy and solution focused legal representation. From attending PPT meetings, mediation and due process we are prepared to ensure your child’s rights are protected, no matter what.

  1. We Are Problem Solvers.

From your first initial client consultation to the conclusion of your case, we are immediately responsive and seek to problem solve every step of the way.

  1. We Partner With Our Clients and the Greater Educational Community.

We are all on one team. Everyone plays an important role to achieve the desired results for your child’s education. We are more than just a law firm. We are members of your child’s educational team.

  1. We Are Your First Call and First Choice for Your Child’s Education.

We take pride in being the premiere primary care lawyer for your child’s education. We empower parents to understand the journey of their child’s special education and their rights under the law.

  1. We Are Timely.

We equally and equitably value the time of our clients, experts, and our firm. We are responsive to emails and phone messages and value the concept that everyone’s time is equally important.

  1. We Are Respected.

School districts, school district lawyers, experts, mediators and hearing officers across the state know our firm and we know them. We are solution oriented first, but are not afraid to immediately litigate when necessary to protect your child’s rights.