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Based on the culmination of ongoing state, municipal and board of education budget cuts, coupled with school districts having to do more with less resources, the current climate within schools often dictates that you may require a special education attorney to achieve the best results when advocating for your child’s right to a free appropriate public education. Coupled with increasing class sizes, your child may slip through the cracks within the school system itself and not be receiving an appropriate education with measurable goals and objectives.

Often is the situation that there already exists a high level of frustration and contention between the family and school when special education and related services are not being appropriately delivered. Many times, the relationship between family and school results in an adversarial environment that is not conducive towards a team approach for the benefit of your child’s needs.

A trained special education attorney can enter the equation, without emotion, and with the knowledge, expertise and negotiation skill to develop a strategic plan with your family on behalf of your child so that your child receives the appropriate services he or she is entitled under the law and if necessary take legal action against the school.

A Special Education Attorney Knows the Law

Whenever a family attends a PPT meeting with the school’s special education team, the family is already giving up the home field advantage. As a parent, you will be meeting with a group of specialized professionals who are well versed in all aspects of state and federal special education law. By default, special education is the school team’s specialty.

Here at Forte Law Group, Attorney Jeff Forte received a Certificate in Special Education Advocacy from the Institute of Special Education (ISEA). By consulting with a special education attorney first, or bringing a special education attorney to a PPT meeting with the school team, it takes away the intimidation factor and evens the playing field between parent and school.

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Let an objective attorney, like Special Education Attorney Jeff Forte, look at your child’s IEP and the decisions of your child’s school team. A good attorney will be honest with you with his/her independent assessment and tell you the truth on whether your child’s plan complies with the law or not.

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Connecticut Resources

Connecticut Birth to 3 Services
Connecticut Department of Developmental Services
Connecticut Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
Connecticut State Department of Education
Autism Services & Resources Connecticut
Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center
Special Education Resource Center
Yale Child Study Center’s Developmental Disabilities Clinic
Connecticut FEAT

Federal Resources

US Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs
FERPA Information Family Policy Compliance Office

Organization Resources

Autism Society of America
Autism Speaks
National Institute of Health: Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources
National Organization for Rare Disorders