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A few words about Jeff and Forte Law Group from those who personally and professionally know his work.


“Jeffrey Forte is by far the best and I mean the best lawyer to have fighting for you. He came on board to help get an outplacement for my son so that he would get into a much needed school with resources that he really needs and he was absolutely amazing. He joined every PPT meeting, he was very involved, took control, didn’t let my wife and I get taken advantage of and we got exactly what was needed for my son in the end. I will certainly tell everyone who has a child with autism about him. He is who you want on your team!”

-New Haven County, CT


“Oh my God my wife and I were fighting for my son’s outplacement from his school because the school was so not a good fit for him and what he needed, they couldn’t provide. They gave us so much push back and would not give him an outplacement to the school that we have been fighting so hard to get him into but when we got connected with Jeff, it was like he was God sent. He was so knowledgeable, kind, affordable and fought with us for the outplacement. I say all this to say, Jeff made it happen and made it happen FAST. We are so grateful and appreciative of him and if anyone EVER needs a lawyer who will fight tooth and nail, he is the guy.”

-Hamden, CT


“5-Stars is not enough to describe what Jeff has done for my son and I. My son was diagnosed with ASD when he was 16, and the school refused to do any testing for him or give him an IEP, stating the current 504 was adequate. I had been asking for evaluations for him since he was in elementary school, the school distract refused. I even went so far as to having him tested for autism on my own because no one believed me.

My son would not have gotten the services he has now without Forte Law Group. And the team he set up for all the testing and evaluations was EXCEPTIONAL. Everyone is an expert in their field. In the end, it was determined that my son has multiple learning disabilities. None of this would have been made possible without Jeff Forte and his assistant Jennifer. There are no words to describe how grateful I am. My only regret is not calling them sooner. Thank you to everyone at Forte Law Group.”

-Plymouth, CT


“They say that “God never gives us more than we can handle”. What they don’t say is that we don’t have to handle it alone…

As parents of children with special needs we have a “special” journey ahead. We know our precious children better than any one in this great big world. Yet, we are often thrown at the mercy of school districts who may claim to know what’s best for our children as we watch their needs not being met and WORST of all not understood. The price of all of this is at the high cost of our children’s physical and mental health, as well as ours…

Our intuition is our best guide. Don’t ever second guess it. I am grateful that it led my family and I to Attorney Jeffrey Forte of Forte Law Group. One of the first things Attorney Forte said to me was that ” When you become my client you become family”. He has most certainly become a part of mine.

Not only is Attorney Jeffrey Forte a “fighter” for special needs families, he is a champion for them. He carefully listens, he keenly and astutely strategizes the best path for your child needs. But of all this, he will arm his special needs parents with the reassurance and knowledge that we have rights and so do our kids! He will educate and empower you with what these rights are and how to properly advocate for yourselves and your children.

It’s always important to make sure that we meet our kids right where they are within their lives. But never forget that with every “disability” there is “ability”. Our job as parents is to encourage and remind our children of their abilities. It’s to help them navigate through a world that they may see differently and who sees them as “different”… It’s to help them feel “seen” and be “seen” as well as understood. But above all it’s our jobs to remind ourselves that we too need help some times, that we are not alone.

They say that “God give His biggest battles to His strongest warriors”. He made Warriors out of Special Needs parents and Guardian Angels like Attorney Forte.

You are not alone…”

-Wallingford, CT

“My daughter and I are very grateful for the dedication that Jeff put in to protecting my daughter’s educational rights. Honestly, my heart would break any time I looked at pictures of my daughter hanging on the walls of our house and I was genuinely scared for her future. Thanks to Jeff and his experience as a parent special education attorney, I now feel relieved and joy while looking at those same pictures as well as excitement for her future. I appreciated Jeff’s professionalism the entire way through our case, while also being so easy to talk to at the same time. It was like talking with a friend whenever we’d communicate. I believe that’s because Jeff truly cares for all of the students and families that he represents and supports. There’s a scripture I think of in Proverbs 15:22 which says “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed”. I consider my daughter and myself blessed to have Attorney Jeff Forte part of her life story, which includes every individual at Forte Law Group involved in my daughter’s education due process case. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!”

-Groton, CT

“Without question, our family would be in a much different circumstance if not for the efforts of Attorney Forte and his team. Attorney Forte’s extensive experience, support, and professionalism allowed for the best possible result for my child. Advocating for our children can be a daunting task and I am grateful to Attorney Forte for his guidance and the great care shown to my family.”

-Norwich, CT

“Our experience with Attorney Jeff Forte was professional, experienced, specialized, thorough, relatable, practical, honest, timely, tenacious, and caring. We appreciate greatly the attentive work he put into our case, giving us realistic expectations, and using his knowledge to advocate for the needs which we would never have been able to achieve without his services. We highly recommend Forte Law Group.”

-Canton, CT

“Our family had a very positive experience with Jeff and his practice. Their response was quick, professional and thorough. We needed help outplacing our son and he helped us decide the right path for a very successful outcome. But most of all, Jeff and his team immediately show that they are parents and that they care about the work they do. Their passion comes though and their advice presented options and got results. I would highly endorse Jeffrey Forte Law Group for any educational law assistance any parent or caregiver might need.”

-New Canaan, CT

“Anyone looking for a special needs attorney I strongly recommend Attorney Jeffrey Forte of the Forte Law Group. This man has gone above and beyond for my son and our family and accomplished every single thing he told us he would fight for. For Anyone going through it with school districts and evaluations to wondering about out placements or just basic rights, he can show you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My family thanks him for everything he has done.”

-New Britain, CT

“Anyone looking for a special needs attorney I strongly recommend Attorney Jeffrey Forte of the Forte Law Group. This man has gone above and beyond for my son and our family and accomplished every single thing he told us he would fight for. For Anyone going through it with school districts and evaluations to wondering about out placements or just basic rights, he can show you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My family thanks him for everything he has done.”

-New Canaan, CT

“Attorney Forte helped us with a difficult situation that felt hopeless. He resolved our problem with the school quickly and efficiently. We are extremely happy with the outcome and feel it was resolved in the most cost-efficient manner possible. The circumstances that lead to engaging a lawyer to represent you in fighting for your special needs child are always gut-wrenching. Attorney Forte compassionate about our situation. It feels great to find an effective, sympathetic advocate who truly cares about children and families. Thank you. Attorney Forte from the bottom of my heart. I’m forever grateful to you!”

– New Britain, CT

“Jeff Forte returned calls and emails the same day. He is the most organized lawyer. Everything is electronic including his shared calendar where I could make a same day appointment. He took the time to explain things which was reassuring during a very emotional and stressful time. Jeff worked diligently to achieve our goal and was successful! We received everything we asked for. I would highly recommend Jeff!!”

– Newtown, CT

“We cannot begin to sing enough praises about attorney Jeff Forte and his staff at Forte Law Group! Our special needs daughter had been properly out placed by our home district at a private school for special needs students for 11 years. The home school district administration all of a sudden decided to pull her back to the public school for her last two years of education. This was unacceptable. We hired Jeff, and through his expertise and experience, he was able to help us keep our daughter at her current school. The communication from both Jeff and his office manager and paralegal, Yve, was outstanding. If you are the parent of a special needs child and having difficulty with your child’s special education, you will understand when I say I had not slept in over a month with worry. The day we (virtually) met with Attorney Forte that all changed. We were able to have peace of mind and feel calm again. My husband and I highly recommend attorney Jeff Forte as a special education lawyer and advocate. Just a note: We began our journey with Forte Law Group mid March of 2020 (during the pandemic) and all our meeting were virtual and just as effective as in person.”

– Glastonbury, CT

“Forte Law went above and beyond helping one of my colleagues advocate to the school on behalf of their child with special needs.”

– Milford, CT

“Jeff is an extremely responsive and personable special education lawyer who is always there to support you and give you advice when you and your family are at your worst and most vulnerable state. Most lawyers we worked with were impossible to get ahold of and would take days or weeks to respond. I had Jeff’s cell phone and he’d always responds including on weekends. He’s won many outplacement cases and has extensive knowledge in the field of Special Education.”

– Ridgefield, CT

“Jeff is professional and explains things in laymen’s terms so we aren’t overwhelmed. He returns our calls and emails in a timely manner, as well.”

– Middlebury, CT

“We feel very fortunate to have had Jeff Forte in our corner helping us navigate very complex and highly emotional times for our family. He remained a calm and steady presence throughout our interactions with our district. Always taking a collaborative approach first, he was able to secure a favorable result for our son. We are forever grateful! Don’t hesitate in speaking to a professional when your gut tells you it’s time. It made all the difference for us.”

– Greenwich, CT

“I know Jeff Forte to be a man of extremely High character who is compassionate and sensitive and caring and who will insure that his clients needs are a high priority working to ensure that the rights of their children are honored and upheld Jeff is a consummate professional who is dedicated to working hard and achieving results in a loving and caring manner I recommend Jeff very strongly.”

– Reverend Lucretia Howard

“As a client of Forte Law Group, I couldn’t be happier with the services we received. Jeffrey Forte was not just our attorney, he stood up for our daughter. As a parent of a child with special needs, you’re constantly worried about whether you’re doing the right thing, am I doing enough? Jeff didn’t just help our daughter, he helped changed my mindset from asking to advocating. I feel more empowered, educated and connected. For that, I am so grateful!”

– Fairfield County, CT

“If you want an attorney who is wise, willing to go the distance and thinks out of the box then Attorney Jeffrey Forte is your man. This was our first time hiring a special education lawyer. I did my homework and everyone pointed us to Attorney Jeffrey Forte. Now I know why. He guided us every step of the way, he was available when we needed him and he educated us too. Besides being an expert in his field, he is extremely personable and truly cares about his clients. If you need help fighting for your child’s special education needs, it doesn’t get any better than Jeff Forte. We are extremely grateful we had him in our corner.”

– Trumbull, CT

“Jeff Forte is tenacious. As a parent trying to navigate uncharted waters and get my kids what they need while also wanting to maintain good working relationships with school staff, having Jeff in our corner took the pressure off of me while still making sure the full range of services was forcefully advocated for. Jeff is adaptable, creative and strategic. He got both of our kids what they needed under difficult circumstances, and we are very thankful.”

– Fairfield County, CT

“I contacted Jeff after hitting several dead ends with trying to get help for my son. I consulted with a number of attorneys prior to contacting Jeff and he was the most caring and compassionate about helping my son. Jeff is available when needed and responsive to all modes of communication. He helped me navigate and understand what options I had for my sons placement in an environment that was conducive to how he learns. My only regret was that I hadn’t contacted him sooner. My son is happier and excelling in an environment that does not make him feel alienated or stressed. He has straight A’s at this time- Thank you Jeff for your guidance and perseverance.”

– Fairfield County, CT

“From the start, Jeff became a powerful advocate for my son and his complex set of educational needs. During every step of the process, he stayed focused on our objectives and how to achieve them, then delivered the desired result. He is a responsive communicator and a consummate professional, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an education attorney.”

– Westport, CT

“I spent some time on your site and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the great resources you have for parents of kids with special needs. It isn’t always easy for us to find helpful and accurate information. Thank you!”

– Greenwich, CT

“I wanted to thank you for holding such an informative free parent workshop! It was so informative and valuable to me as a special education educator and as a parent of a child with autism! It is so nice to know that we have so many rights and that there are people out there like you fighting and advocating every day!”

– Fairfield County, CT

“Hiring Attorney Forte was the right decision – he got us what we wanted and did it an undramatic fashion. We are thrilled.”

– New Haven County, CT

“Attorney Jeff Forte is a ROCK STAR! From our initial consultation to our last PPT meeting, he continually delivered best-in-class professionalism, service and advocacy. His knowledge, empathy, and intellect were astounding and deeply appreciated. We are blessed that he came into our lives for without him, our daughter would not be currently enrolled in a therapeutic school. On top of all this, he is one of the nicest people I have ever met and could not thank him enough nor recommend him any more highly.”

– Orange, CT

“Attorney Forte helped my family through a bullying situation in school. We feel fortunate to have found him (through a friend) when the school was ignoring us and we felt helpless. After consulting with Jeff we immediately hired him. He explained our rights and went to work right away. Our situation was resolved soon after his first contact with school leaders. Jeff stayed with the case and saw it through to completion and even checked in with us at the start of this school year.”

– Woodbridge, CT

“Forte Law Group did an incredible job guiding us through our child’s IEP. Attorney Forte and his team developed an excellent understanding of our child’s needs from a medical, clinical and legal perspective. They guided us every step of the way developing a tailored strategy to address our daughter’s immediate and longer-term needs. This was invaluable to our daughter receiving the right level of intervention and support from our public school. We are grateful for the services provided by the Forte Law Group and are confident that our daughter will continue to thrive because of the services she will now receive.”

– Proud Parents of a child with Special Needs

“Attorney Jeffrey Forte is a good man with integrity and the highest ethical standards, and I am confident that he will always go above the call to ensure the best interests of the children he serves. I have worked with hundreds of children in difficult situations including foster children, special education students, and children with developmental disabilities who could not advocate for themselves. What many of those children needed in addition to our clinical responses was an individual that could legally advocate in their best interest. I know that many of their outcomes could have been improved even more if they had someone with Jeff’s integrity, commitment, passion, and expertise in their corner.”

– Private ABA Clinician, Westport, CT

“My experience with Forte Law Group was outstanding. This firm provided legal counsel to me during a personal dispute with an organization to which I was legally affiliated. This separation required a substantial amount of paperwork to be completed in order to unaffiliate with the organization. During that time, Jeffrey Forte provided me with clear advice regarding the steps necessary to file paperwork with the State, answered all of my questions promptly, and remained professional and courteous. Should another opportunity arise when I am in need of legal advice, I won’t hesitate to call Forte Law Group.”

– Cheshire, CT Resident

“Forte Law Group did an incredible job guiding us through our child’s IEP. Attorney Forte and his team developed an excellent understanding of our child’s needs from a medical, clinical and legal perspective. They guided us every step of the way developing a tailored strategy to address our daughter’s immediate and longer-term needs. This was invaluable to our daughter receiving the right level of intervention and support from our public school. We are grateful for the services provided by the Forte Law Group and are confident that our daughter will continue to thrive because of the services she will now receive.”

– Orange, CT

“Attorney Forte was amazing! I have had difficulty getting the services for my son that he desperately needed. Attorney Forte attended my son’s PPT and calmly listed all the services that my son was entitled to by law! Thank you Attorney Forte for believing in the potential of my son and the educational programs he now can participate in. Forte Law Group was worth every penny, I cannot put a price tag on my son’s ability to flourish.”

– Woodbridge, CT

“When I contacted The Forte Law Group my son was in a tough situation. Through conversation, hard work and perseverance Jeff was able to help me navigate through a system that felt at times to be, by design, confusing and dismissive of my concerns for my son. Jeff spoke with me multiple times about my concerns and thoughts, and was able to come up with a plan and to execute that plan to achieve the best possible outcome. More importantly to me, Jeff told me what would be the best possible outcome, not sugar coating it for me to get my business with false promises. Not only has Jeff delivered on his most probable scenario, he has exceeded it. My son was recently able to return to school thanks to Jeff’s hard work and professionalism and will receive the attention he needs to exceed. I would recommend Forte Law Group to any parent who is having problems with getting their child the proper special education accommodations they need to exceed. You will not be disappointed in Jeff and his team. We cannot thank Jeff and his team enough for what they have been able to accomplish.”

– Seymour, CT

“I highly recommend Attorney Jeff Forte! He worked diligently for my ASD son to get him into the best educational setting and the necessary goals/services on his IEP. Throughout the entire process, Attorney Forte would keep me updated and would return emails/hold calls to explain the process to me or listen to my concerns. Hope to never need a Sped Attorney again, but if I do, Attorney Forte will be my first call.”

– -Bristol, CT

“Jeff Forte provided us with exceptional guidance and representation. He combines extensive knowledge of special ed law with a compassionate, realistic approach. The Forte team was incredibly thorough, always thinking ahead and not missing any detail. I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job advocating for our child. Hiring Jeff Forte was one of the best decisions we’ve made.”

– Greenwich, CT

“I was in need of an educational lawyer to ensure my son was getting the services he needed. Jeff was able to provide the support I needed by attending my son’s PPT and holding the district to accountable to the polices/procedures outlined by the law. We were able to resolve all areas of concern without needing to pursue further legal action.”

– Milford, CT

“Forte Law Group LLC has been a great partner in negotiating with the public school system in order to get my daughter’s complicated educational needs met. The in depth look at what is needed has been helpful that I feel I have a partner in navigating the educational system.”

– Shelton, CT

“Forte Law Group assisted us in getting our son and daughter what they needed to be successful both in and out of our district. Jeff was not afraid to hold district personnel accountable and ensured Special Education Law was followed. Jeff’s professionalism, understanding of client’s needs and desires, ability to advocate for his clients, and negotiation skills are unmatched. We strongly recommend Forte Law Group to anyone in need of legal representation in the confusing world of special education services.”

– Southington, CT

“Attorney Jeff is attentive to detail. He attended my child’s IEP meeting and helped us request and get what our child needed with respect to services in the school setting. He was also able to get the school to agree to in home services and consultation with our outside providers.”

– Westport, CT


Forte Law Group prides itself on the trust parents place with our firm in representing their child. Many of our parents are also referred to our firm by our established network of clinical, behavioral and medical providers throughout the state. To endorse our firm, please fill out our contact us form on this page.