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Special Education Lawyer & Certified Child Advocate

Connecticut special education lawyer, Jeffrey Forte, of Forte Law Group is a special education attorney and child advocate representing children with special needs. Forte Law Group empowers parents to advocate for their child’s rights. Your child is your life. But what happens when your child with special needs isn’t progressing at school? What happens when the school district decides to deny or take services away from your child? What happens when the school isn’t following your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

If you think your child is not receiving an appropriate education, Forte Law Group is here to help. By law, your child with special needs has rights and is entitled to a free appropriate public education (FAPE). When the school district makes decisions that you neither agree with nor advances your child’s education, our firm is here to represent you and your child and where necessary bring a due process action against the school district to protect your child’s rights.

Advocacy & Solution Focused

Forte Law Group is an advocacy and solution focused law firm that represents children and families across the entire state of Connecticut who are in need of legal representation for matters involving special education law, Section 504, disciplinary, suspension and expulsion, transition planning into adulthood, bullying and harassment, juvenile justice and defense and related educational consulting legal services. We are ready and experienced to litigate when needed to ensure your child’s rights are protected.

We focus our efforts on ensuring that each individual child we represent receives high quality legal representation that is thorough and compassionate. We believe each individual’s case presents its own unique set of challenges, which means our team ensures every client receives individualized legal representation and support both in and out of meetings, proceedings and hearings.

Cost Effective High-Quality Results

We maintain a strong commitment to the families, children and individuals we zealously serve and represent across the state of Connecticut by providing cost-effective legal representation while delivering high quality results.

Connected with Leading Clinical Experts

The law firm was founded on the principles of innovation, diversity and exceptional client service. Forte Law Group frequently collaborates and consults with leading clinical experts within specialized fields to support our team and the families we represent in gaining a better understanding of your child’s unique case as well as to develop individualized strategies to promote solution-focused outcomes. Our approach is designed to evaluate all potential solutions so that we can identify the best outcomes for your child.

We understand the children and families we represent are faced with a number of barriers that our team must consider when developing a positive action plan so, we are here to listen to put Forte Strength on Your Side.

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