Connecticut Child Advocates Advancing Special Education Rights for Children with Disabilities: A Guide to the PPT Process in Connecticut

Ensuring that children with disabilities receive appropriate educational support is crucial for their growth and development. As child advocates in Connecticut, Forte Law Group is committed to representing families and guiding them through the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) process to advance their child’s special education rights. In this article, we briefly explore the PPT process and how securing a special education child advocate can make all difference for families Continue Reading

Connecticut Special Education Advocates: Tips to Gain Insights About Your Child’s School District Through EdExplorer

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), recently launched an online software application designed to empower parents, educators, and administrators with valuable insights into a child’s school and their broader school district. The app is called “EdExplorer” and the site can be accessed here. For parents that have a child with a diability, EdExplorer is a game changer because you have immediate access and insights into your child’s school and Continue Reading

Connecticut Special Education Advocate or Attorney: Navigating the Educational Landscape and Choosing the Right Path That’s Right For Your Child’s Education

In the realm of special education advocacy in the state of Connecticut, ensuring that children with unique learning needs receive appropriate support and services is of paramount importance. When it comes to advocating for children with disabilities, two primary professionals play a crucial role: special education advocates and special education lawyers. While both serve to support families and students, their roles and capabilities differ greatly. This article delves into the Continue Reading

Forte Law Group: Connecticut Child Special Education Advocates for Families In Crisis

Navigating a crisis with a child who has a disability can be overwhelming for any family. Forte Law Group stands as a beacon of support, specializing in representing families facing these unique challenges. In times of crisis, families need immediate solutions and reliable guidance. That’s why we’re proud to spotlight the newly established Children’s Urgent Crisis Centers across Hartford, New Haven, New London, and Waterbury. The crises centers are: The Continue Reading

Special Education Lawyer In Darien, Connecticut

Darien, Connecticut is a charming town in Fairfield County. Historically, Darien underwent a significant overhaul in 2015 based on an audit that revealed Darien public schools received federal funds for non-existent special education services. Since then, Darien Public Schools have committed to providing exceptional educational programming, known for its unwavering dedication to providing quality education to its students. Special Education By the Numbers According to the Connecticut EdSight data portal, Continue Reading