Connecticut Special Education Advocates: Tips to Gain Insights About Your Child’s School District Through EdExplorer

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), recently launched an online software application designed to empower parents, educators, and administrators with valuable insights into a child’s school and their broader school district. The app is called “EdExplorer” and the site can be accessed here. For parents that have a child with a diability, EdExplorer is a game changer because you have immediate access and insights into your child’s school and school district.

EdExplorer is designed for users to have immediate and convenient access to essential education data right at your fingertips, helping you stay informed and engaged in your child’s educational journey.

EdExplorer is a user-friendly desktop and mobile app that allows the user to easily delve into Connecticut education data, both at the district and school levels. This app is accessible on all browsers and mobile devices, ensuring the user can conveniently access the information one needs, whenever you need it. Best of all, it is free!

With EdExplorer, you can explore enrollment numbers, demographic details, spending figures, and student performance data—all consolidated in one place. You can also compare this data between different districts or schools, aiding you in making informed decisions for your child’s education.

For each data point, you’ll have access to the most recent year’s data as well as historical trends, giving you a comprehensive view of the educational landscape.

As a parent, you’ll have the ability to:

– Download or print a summary of data for any selected district or school.

– Schedule a meeting with our dedicated Community Engagement team to discuss concerns or seek further information.

– Easily contact your state legislators to voice your opinions and ideas.

– Experience the app in your preferred language by utilizing the app’s translation feature, available in Spanish, Portuguese, or Haitian Creole.

For more information on how to better access and use EdExplorer to gain insights into your child’s school or district, you can also always schedule a free brief consultation with us at Forte Law Group. Forte Law Group advocates for parents that have a child with a disability all across Connecticut, including in the following town and cities:

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