Forte Law Group: Connecticut Child Special Education Advocates for Families In Crisis

Navigating a crisis with a child who has a disability can be overwhelming for any family. Forte Law Group stands as a beacon of support, specializing in representing families facing these unique challenges. In times of crisis, families need immediate solutions and reliable guidance. That’s why we’re proud to spotlight the newly established Children’s Urgent Crisis Centers across Hartford, New Haven, New London, and Waterbury.

The crises centers are:

These centers were established through recent critical signed legislation. These centers serve as vital walk-in clinics, ensuring immediate access to mental health resources for children and teenagers in behavioral health crises. Their aim is to divert families from unnecessary visits to emergency rooms, providing an effective and dedicated solution to their urgent needs.

Our commitment to addressing the mental health needs of children is resolute, viewing it as a pressing public health issue. Forte Law Group supports the creation of these crisis centers that offer intensive assessment, stabilization, and continuous care connections to alleviate the challenges faced by families in such critical situations.

At Forte Law Group, we stand firmly committed to advocating for families with children facing disabilities and crises. We collaborate and problem solve with our families, clients, and clinicians that we work with to provide the best possible support and guidance in times of urgent need. Together, we work towards a better future for our children, ensuring their mental well-being and fostering a society that prioritizes their mental health. If your child is in crisis please do not hesitate to contact us at Forte Law Group for an initial legal consultation.